Maximum performance with the support of a strong partner
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Tech2E s.a.r.l

N°12 Rue SABRI Boujamaa

App N°6, 1er étage Derb Omar Casablanca



A TECH 2E, we are a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants ( over 15 years on the market) , a federated requirement and commitment culture. We will enjoy an experience , opportunity and knowledge . We rely on our reputation , our credibility , our visibility and potential competence in new energy & environmental technologies.

Then we have strong expertise and knowledge . However, we believe it is essential to partner with expert partners to provide the best solutions and most innovative solutions to our customers. The partnership is in our genes. TECH 2E has become a leader in new energy technologies and the environment through partnerships. It is a fundamental part of our strategy and a key to its success. We must work with area companies , research institutes , universities , academies . This is the best solution to allow customers to benefit from our advances and to accelerate the transformation of discoveries efficacies and robust solutions.

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